20 Things a Woman Should Live By

I was going through my Mogul profile and some Mogul stories when I stumbled on this article. Mogul is a site that connects women all over the world where they can share their opinions and thoughts on different things. I have been a member for over a year now and although I don’t always get to regularly update my profile with new stories, I am fond of reading updates from other women. It’s great to be in one place where women just want to empower each other through their own experiences and encouraging words.

When I went through this list, I was amazed at how it gets to me. It was really like bullseye!

I know that if I think of it this way then I’m sure that many other women can relate to this post at all levels so I just had to post this as soon as possible.


I can relate to all the numbers but these three are my favorites:

  • No. 5 – In our every day lives at work or wherever we go, there will always be eyes watching us. We may or may not know it. Others will always have something to say about you, your choices and even your expenses. Take for example in my case, I work hard. If I have to work harder then I do but I also reward myself well. The simplest treat I get myself is usually a Venti cup of Latte or Matcha Green tea. Some find this a bit extravagant. Sometimes, I try to explain myself but then I realized that I owe no explanation to anyone because I have worked for every cup of coffee or tea (and all other stuff) I buy. If I purchase something that makes me happy, it doesn’t matter what others would say. I paid the bill anyway!
  • No. 18 – No matter how successful a woman is, she will still  go through the phase of doubting herself if she has made the right choices in life. For me, this is inevitable. She will doubt her decisions and herself. However, she will not give up. She will hold on to her faith, work hard and trust that everything really happens for reason.
  • No.19 – Live with no regrets!! It’s easier said than done but I encourage women to take risks. It doesn’t have to be something grand like moving to a new place right away. It can be as simple as trying a new drink you thought you would hate, wearing a dress which you have never thought of wearing, going out with a guy you know you have no future with,etc..Go out and live!

If you were to pick a number that hits you most? What is it and why? 

Thank you vanessahwood for allowing me to repost this! 


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  1. Thanks for sharing! I really appreciate this post!
    Keep on inspiring people! Great work!

    1. Thank you!! =)

  2. Your welcome, Shaira! I am so glad you liked it, and that it resonated with you, enough for you to post it.

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