3 Must Order Dishes at Bad Boys Wingz (aside from the bad wingzz!)

Bad Boys Wingz is known for their undeniably bad wings which translate to super yummy uber delicious wings! We had our first taste of their wings at their Talamban branch (which is closed now). 032 talked about it too! They have moved to The Greenery in Mabolo. Since I’m allergic to chicken (although I subject myself to systemic desensitization because a place such as this is an exemption to the rule), I shift my attention to other dishes which are equally delicious. For the record, the chicken wings especially the suicide are insane!

  1. Spam Fries

BB - 1

I may not be a chicken lover but I was once addicted to Spam. This is why I had to rejoice over this. Seriously, Spam Fries is everything! I don’t even need to say something more about that.

2. Red Pasta

BB - 6

I love Spam and I love love pasta (it depends on the pasta!). It was a delight to have a good pasta at a wings place! The serving was generous with shrimps. This is a big plus! Red pasta is made from Linguine, Tomato sauce, Red wine and Fresh herbs. Drool anyone?

3. Deviled Egg

BB - 2

This is the perfect way to start your meal. However, if you take 3 or more servings of it, you can start to be full. It seems light but if you really break it down, that’s equal to 1 and 1/2 eggs plus bacon! When you are with friends, you get busy with catching up so you get more and more. Since it tastes good but seems light at first,  you will suddenly  notice that you’ve had way too many already.  Always get more than one order when you are with friends!

BB - 4
BB - 5

So let’s grab some Spam fries together? 🙂

You can also check out Bad Boys Wingz here.

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  1. Thanks for sharing informative post with us. I love Philippines dishes very much.

  2. Nice dishes. I loved to eat. Thanks for sharing informative post with us.

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