3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting Inked

As a young girl, I always had a fascination with tattoos. Growing up in a creative circle, art was always an intriguing subject. Despite the tattoo’s rich history, many are still not open to it. Some still associate it with being a criminal, some think it is weird, the list goes on. But as time goes by, people have slowly started to embrace it as a form of self-expression.

I thought long and hard deciding whether I should really get one. After months of procrastinating, I told myself – just do it! What’s the worst that could happen?

As someone who went to nursing school, I’m not scared of needles. I was more concerned about the sound of the machine. It was jarring especially at the start, but after less than an hour, my tattoo was done! It was quick and easy. My eyebrow tattoo was even more painful.Randy of Black Collar Ink was patient enough to deal with my ticklish back. It was a challenge for me to stay still but aside from that, it was almost painless. I’m incredibly happy with the outcome.

If you are planning to get inked, make sure to ask yourself these questions:


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