5 Reasons to Visit Tim Ho Wan Now

Tim Ho Wan, Hong Kong’s famous Michelin-star dim sum restaurant finally opened its doors in Cebu a few months ago. It is the seventh branch in the Philippines and first outside of Luzon. Can you guess why everyone is gushing about it? It is recognized as the “most affordable Michelin-starred dim sum restaurant in the world”. How can you not be excited about that?

Here are 5 reasons to head over there right now:

1.It is really really affordable

Michelin-starred restaurants are mostly grandiose and expensive. As mentioned, it stays true to being the most affordable one in the world. Nothing in the menu is above Php 200! When I first had a taste of this restaurant in Hong Kong, I couldn’t believe how affordable it was and such good value for money.


2.Baked Bun with BBQ Pork

Oh how do you even find the right words to describe the baked bun? The bread is baked to just the right amount of crust while the inside melts in your mouth. In short, it is heavenly.


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