5 Reasons Why You Should Experience the Foam Party at Crimson

It’s no secret that I’m fond of the beach and resort hopping. My family loves going on outings and since we live in Mactan, we  like to try the different resorts the island offers. My mom is afraid of travelling by boat so that’s one big factor why we are loyal to Mactan beaches. It’s accessible so it makes everything easier!  One of our favorites is Crimson Resort and Spa (without bias!). We really love the homey vibes! I have previously written about the 7 Reasons Why It’s Always a Funtastic Experience at Crimson  on Zerothreetwo. There’s an addition to the list this time! It’s no other than the Foam Party at Azure every Saturday. If you are like me who enjoys bubble baths and the pool then this is perfect for you! The first time we experienced this with my two girl friends, we were just playing and laughing like small kids. (And we call ourselves adults?!)

Let me tell you why you should go and experience it too!

1. The Pool is literally turned to a GIANT Bubble Bath

As mentioned, the pool will be turned to a giant bubble bath. Bubbles everywhere! Be prepared to bring your goggles if  you really want to swim.

Spot the lovers in the bubbles! ❤️ #islandgirl #foamparty

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2. Overflowing Food and Drinks 

The Foam party starts at 11am and ends at 5pm. One friendly tip – If you want to make the most out of your experience, come on time. You can stay late and enjoy more drinks at Azure’s happy hour. From 11am-5pm, you get to enjoy the generous food and drinks at the bar.  Aside from all the pizza, desserts,etc..you also get to order a main course which will include pork, beef, scallops,etc..Let’s just say, it will be more than enough to make you full! Don’t forget to enjoy the drinks too – both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Main Course at Foam


3. Friendly Service 

It’s expected to have friendly service at any establishment but it’s always nice when the staff go out of their way to cater to their guests’ needs. The last time we went there with my friends, we arrived late so the waitress was really nice and went out of her way to save some food for us.


4. BANIG!!! 

They provide banig for those who want to chill, sunbathe or sleep on the grass areas. It’s so cool! I barely see banig these days so it’s really nice to have such laid back feel in a resort. ( Too bad, I didn’t get to take a selfie with it!) I’m busy taking photos of these lovely views.

Spot the BANIG!

5. It’s one of a kind SWIMMING experience!

Foam party is very unique! If you want to take your swimming pool experience to the next level then this is the best place to go to. It will really be a fun experience to bring your friends and play with the bubbles. For me, it’s a quick getaway from the city’s busy life on a weekend. Sometimes, I also just like to sit or sleep in one of the chairs and enjoy the sun and like most Filipinos, I hide from it most of the time.


Foam experience costs Php 2500/person and I honestly think, it’s worth what you pay for – use of amenities and unlimited food and drinks! Please check with Crimson as prices may change without prior notice. 

What a great day in the tropics!
What a great day in the tropics!

On our last visit, it also happened to be the Tokyo night so we got to enjoy their featured show. We also took advantage of their happy hour ( 5:30-7:30 pm) so it’s like happy hours! Such a great deal!

Looking forward to see you at one of my hang out sessions in Crimson!