5 Takeaways from the Global Wellness Day Experience

We all know how valuable wellness is in our lives. Most or many of us don’t really know that there is a day dedicated to focusing on Wellness. Global Wellness Day is celebrated all over the world every 10th of June. In the Philippines particularly here in Cebu, I’m quite surprised that not many establishments give this day the focus it deserves. Although healthy living should be an everyday thing, it’s nice to have a day that allows us to focus on wellness. Fortunately, Shangrila Mactan Resort& Spa takes this day seriously! For two years in a row, Shangrila has prepared a set of activities that promote wellness.

These are my 5 takeaways from the  Global Wellness Day experience in the island I call HOME 

1. Clean and healthy eating is a process 

Eating clean and healthy is never easy! Our healthy dinner prior to the GWD was incredibly sumptuous but it’s also very light. As Filipinos, most of us can’t get through a day without rice, especially white rice! It’s a struggle for us to stick to a healthy diet but it’s a must to always give it a try. It’s not something we can change overnight rather it’s a process but as long as the will is there, eating clean and healthy would seem more achievable than impossible. I guess this resonates with many people I know. Oh and did I mention that our healthy breakfast was so good? Drooling anyone?

Welcome Dinner| Shangrila Resort and Spa| Global Wellness Day
Welcome Dinner at Acqua
Passato di Verdura e Ricotta

 2. Morning walks are tiring but worth it 

One of the activities during the GWD is a long morning walk around the 13 hectare Shangrila property. Aside from seeing areas of Shangrila that I’ve never seen before, it was a really good way to get pumped up for the day. Morning walks are indeed refreshing!

3. Beach time does wonder to your soul

So I just said, soul! A healthy body can only thrive in a healthy soul. I always believe that caring for your soul and protecting your energy is greater than any physical care though both are essential for our overall wellness. As an island girl (literally, lives on the island and is at the beach every day!), I can attest that the beach definitely recharges you. I’ll be honest – I was hit with Tonsilitis days after GWD ( what a bummer!) but that didn’t stop me from being at the beach. For me, it’s incredibly relaxing and there’s no need to swim. Chillin at the beach is nothing but wonderful! Some would also prefer to engage in other activities such as dancing or zumba near the beach. Why not?

4. People need to be more aware of how healthy and good Cacao is

We had a very interesting afternoon session with Ms. Racquel Ochoa aka Chocolate Queen of the Philippines. I first met her 5 years ago when I wrote about Ralfe Gourmet. Although Ms. Racquel has gone far in advocating the benefits of Cacao, I believe that there is still a lot of work that needs to be done when it comes to informing the public of how amazing Cacao really is.

Ms. Racquel Choa showing us the wonders of homegrown cacao

5. Wellness activities are always better when done with friends

This won’t probably apply to everyone but for me, it’s always nice to do activities with your friends and acquaintances. It’s always nice to share the joy and thrill with people who can give you extra inspiration to be healthy and most of all, happy! Oh and let’s make every day wellness day BUT I’ll admit cheat days are still necessary to keep my sanity!

*Photos from Shangri-la Resort and Spa