5 Things You Need to Know Before You Visit Skywaterpark Cebu

This year, we have seen many new establishments  in the city. There always seems to be a new restaurant or cafe around the corner but one thing I have noticed is the lack of parks and other recreation centers. Aside from the growing food scene in the metro, we also need new places where families and friends can gather together. Although Mactan is abundant with beautiful beaches and luxury resorts, sometimes we opt to stay in the city especially because most of us have busy schedules and can barely squeeze in a getaway.

One of the newest places in Cebu that is definitely worth checking out is the Skywaterpark Cebu. Aside from the fact that it already sounds interesting, it is also very unique. It is the country’s first and only waterpark facility! How cool is that? If you haven’t been there yet, its about time you visit then. It is located on the 6th floor of JCentre Mall,Mandaue city so you don’t have to cross the bridge to get to a waterpark.

Here are some things you should know about the place: 

1. Skywaterpark Cebu features a water playground with pool and a water house complete with interactive water elements as well as an island plus infinity pool with jacuzzi, resting decks, dining and entertainment area, gift shop, spa, cabanas, etc and most of all, a great view from the top! You can enjoy the panoramic views of Mandaue, Lapu-Lapu and Cebu. (The ones I have underlined are personal favorite features!)

72. It is an ideal destination for social functions, corporate gatherings, birthday parties, family or class reunions and other special events. You can contact them ahead for bookings.


3.They offer club membership packages which will allow you to enjoy the place for the entire year. If you haven’t made up your mind yet, you can pay them a visit  – just check their rates and promos on their Facebook page or you can drop by the park when you are in JCentre mall. Tip: They have promos every now and then so its better to check their accounts regularly prior to visiting them.  This will help you budget better!


4.As mentioned, its features are similar to that of the resorts but its more accessible for people from Cebu or Mandaue. Let’s admit it – we don’t want to deal with the traffic sometimes always!


5.It’s for anyone and for everyone!! Kids will love it because of the water park. Trust me, I felt like a kid myself when I was there. Adults will like it because it’s also a great place to just chill, listen to a music, enjoy some shake, read a book, chat with your friend or take some pretty photos and make your Instagram feed more colorful and fun! Actually, I just listed everything I did there especially the last one – populate my Instagram with photos full of life and color.  Follow me @imshashab! You can also follow Skywaterpark Cebu on Instagram.


I have also written another article about the reasons why you should visit Skywaterpark Cebu. It will be released in Zerothreetwo soon so stay tuned!




Photo credits: Sharleen Loquellano