7 Ways a Woman Can Find Herself

I’m truly grateful that I’m born at a time when my gender does not limit my opportunities in life. Women have become very empowered and independent. This is why we see an increase in women embarking on journeys alone. The aftermath of the bestselling book turned movie Eat, Pray, Love has been a factor too. I guess! Like many women out there, I have read that book cover to cover and probably watched the movie a dozen times. However, despite the emergence of women empowerment, I cannot deny that there is still a great dominance of social and cultural pressure among women to settle down and have kids especially here in the Philippines.

I’m 26 and I get nonstop questions at different social situations about when I intend to marry and have a baby. I used to get annoyed (a bit!). Who wouldn’t?! But I have learned to laugh it out. Seriously though, please give these people a chill pill because there is so much more to life than just getting married. Every woman needs to embark on a journey alone before dedicating her life to someone else. Don’t get me wrong, I think nothing is more beautiful than giving life to this world but it’s necessary to find yourself first.

These are a few simple things you can do to discover and learn more about yourself:

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  1. Wow!!! I don’t usually read blogs but I just stumble in yours. I just feel it’s precise yet powerful! You’re such an inspiration. Keep going! God bless!

    1. This just made my day! Thank you for inspiring me to continue writing. 🙂

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