8 Lessons I Learned While Away From the Philippines

When circumstances prompted me to spend time in Europe, I was more scared than excited. To many, it would have been the opposite. Who doesn’t want to see Europe? I was given the opportunity to travel and work remotely at the same time. This meant I could wake up in any city, see the sights and invade any public library to do work.

Although I had to cut my trip short, instead of feeling bad I was grateful to experience amazing adventures, meet beautiful people and bring home the lessons I learned while away from home.

Here’s what I learned:


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3 Replies to “8 Lessons I Learned While Away From the Philippines”

  1. Hi! I discovered your blog through 032.

    Lovely article and I think I’m one of those “opposite” people. I grew up in Cebu, but I felt that I never belonged there like a fish out of water. I moved to another country during college and there I met my home in a city called Bergen 🙂

  2. Hi Charles! Wow! That’s a very good and brave move. Actually, I was supposed to go to Bergen coz I have many friends there but I had to cut my trip short. I will be back there soon though – for good! 🙂 Nice blog too btw! 🙂

  3. […] been an incredible mix of highs and lows. It made me tick a few things in my bucket list such as traveling to Europe alone, had the chance to be interviewed for a magazine feature (and not the one doing the interview) and […]

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