Nami island, South Korea 2015
Shaira is a Writer by passion, a Nurse by profession and an Operations Manager by occupation.

She first started as a ghost writer when she was still in university. After graduating, she finally had the chance to contribute to different online and offline publications.

In 2012, she joined the team of Zerothreetwo – an online magazine showing off Cebu. She has interviewed various prominent personalities and covered different lifestyle events in the city.  She has also contributed to I Love Magazine UK, worked with Designer Make-Up Tools Australia and Retailraphy US.  She has also written for other local sites such as Chedz and used her health care knowledge in Wellness and Lifestyles AU, Clinics PH, Filipinocare, among others. Some of her travel articles have also been published in different travel sites such as Two Monkeys Travel.

Over the years, she had the privilege to work with numerous foreign bloggers, serial entrepreneurs and start-up guys through her management work which still focuses on the online world.

Amelienborg Palace, Copenhagen, Denmark 2016

When she is not busy hustling, she enjoys visiting cafes, reading a book and dancing. She is addicted to Coffee and Matcha and considers herself as a doting aunt to her two nephews.

This blog mainly started as a portfolio of her articles  from the different sites and publications.  However, she is currently working to make on producing more content which is useful and inspiring particularly to women. She believes in the importance of self expression and in writing content with depth and substance.

 Be a Bohemian!  Be a wanderer! 



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