Bachelorette What??!

The Bachelorettes of 2016: Shaira Berame, Christina Santos, Yumny Mariot and Pia Tenchavez (Photography by Toni Marie Despojo/makeup by Raisa Bercede and Janice Barillo/hair by Shyra Qyumbi and Cris Villacorta/clothes from Forever 21/shot on location at Wish Cebu) || Photo from Zee lifestyle 

Nowadays, when we hear the word bachelorette, the first thing that comes to most peoples’ minds would be the show where a beautiful woman is presented with a dozen men to choose from to be the love of her life. Oh, what has reality shows done to our vocabulary? So when I told a guy friend that I was asked to be in a bachelorette list, his immediate reaction and first question was, “What?!Are you going to kiss many guys?”. He was dead serious which made it more hilarious!  I had to explain to him that it was not anything like that at all. This is a list  of single but empowered women who will be asked about their thoughts and opinions on dating and men.


When Patty (Zee lifestyle editor) sent me a message regarding this, I had second thoughts because of conflicts with my schedule. However, I realized that it’s not every day that you get to do something like this so I decided to go for it. It also seemed the right time for me because I think I have reached the point where I know a thing or two about dating and men. Well, I’d like to think I know a bit more now! (Laughs!) After being in a relationship for a long time to being single to finally dating again to traveling alone to exploring my options and going on random adventures, I have learned that being a bachelorette (single to make it simple!) is more empowering than you will ever think.

Slayyyy!⚡️⚡️⚡️ Make-up by @janicethebeautyfairy Clothes from @forever21 #zeelifestyle #bts

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 The strong women I know are the ones who have been through relationships that could have ruined their faith in true love but chose to believe in its existence more than ever. 

If three is a crowd then four is a mess #zeelifestyle #empoweringwomen #bts

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With this shoot, I got to join three incredibly beautiful and empowered women. I wasn’t close friends with them before this but I have been familiar with everyone because its Cebu – everyone knows everyone!  We instantly clicked and have been very open to each other about our experiences. Each of us has our own cheesy, funny, dramatic and even idiotic stories. Our photographer, Toni is a good friend who is also an empowered woman herself. It was a very fun shoot although I’m really bad at all these posing stuff. I better stick to writing!The long day ended with a lot of food, drinks, laughter and more friends to celebrate the little joys of life and love with!

Real women eat A LOT!!!
Because this snapchat filter is a MUST!
Zee lifestyle’s fabulous editor, Patty shows us how to rock it!
Awww, too pretty not to selfie!

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