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I have been attending events in Cebu for the past 5 years or so. I have done more than 50 reviews on restaurants, resorts,etc and all these can be found on Zerothreewo. Since I have been traveling and is temporarily based in Europe now, I can attend events here or anywhere around the continent.

*Please take note that I still do contribute for 032 but it will be my discretion if the article I write will be published here or on 032.


I also personally take on writing projects. If you need someone to help you build your site, manage your social media accounts and help you with everything and anything you need to know about digital marketing, you can hit me up and I can show you a thing or two.


After having enough travel experience, I have decided to help people with their travel plans. I have made many mistakes along the way and it could have saved me a lot of money, time,etc. if I knew better earlier or if someone who had given me a clear recommendations. Based on my experience, stuff on the internet is too mixed up while agencies give very limited information. Connect with me and let’s talk about making sure your visa gets approved and all other important things get taken cared of to ensure that your dream Eurotrip can come true!

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