My Top 12 Life Apps

A big part of our lives revolve around our devices. For many of us, checking our phones is a reflex upon waking up in the morning. Are you guilty of that? Sometimes, it can be really overwhelming! As someone who lives and breathes in the online world, it is difficult to put that phone down. I have decided to make sure that my phone is not filled with shitty apps.  They used to say that you shouldn’t settle for three things in life: shitty coffee, shitty friends and shitty men/women. Let’s make that four then!

Don’t settle for apps that are not helpful and useful to you.  Just like your social media walls, the kind of apps you have on your mobile phone tells a lot about you.  Of course, it’s not always true for everyone but still, it’s necessary that we make good use of the device we have by filling it with sensible stuff. It shouldn’t just be about taking snaps, trying cool filters and catching Pikachu.

These are some of my personal favorite apps. I hope you find them useful too. I am an Apple user but many of these apps are also available on Android.

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