The Best of Balinese Food at Crimson’s Balinese Food Festival

Last November 17-19, Crimson Resort and Spa had its Balinese Food Festival at Saffron Cafe. I have always loved foods rich in spices and it is no secret that Balinese dishes are undeniably rich with that. Therefore, this is something I cannot miss! We came over for dinner and joined the table along with guys from Time Out HongKong who  were quite impressed with the food they had.

Before I share to you the dishes and desserts we had, let me tell you a few things about Balinese cuisine which I researched.  For me, it is important to be able to have a background on the food in order for you to understand and appreciate it. (Same thing applies when you travel!)

  1. RICE – Like us Filipinos, Indonesians also consider rice as a staple food.  Mixed rice is also quite popular which explains why they have the best Nasi Goreng.
  2. SPICES and SEASONING – If you compare it to Filipino dishes, Balinese dishes are richer with spices and its seasonings are stronger. If you are not in to spices, you probably will not get to fully enjoy your Balinese cuisine experience. But seriously, who doesn’t like spices? 
  3. DESSERTS – A lot of the desserts in the Balinese cuisine are familiar to our taste buds. Many of their desserts are based on rice powder and coconut. Does it sound like Bico or puto?

Since Crimson wants to make sure they serve the best Balinese dishes for the said food festival, they  flew in three Balinese chefs who are the real masters at this.

Chefs Denney Frederick Desak Ketut and Komang Ayana
Chefs Denney Frederick Desak Ketut and Komang Ayana

Aside from enjoying Balinese food, an Indonesian dance was also performed to add greater feel to the food festival’s theme. It does make you feel like you are dining in a fancy restaurant in Bali. I have never been to Bali so this has given me more reasons to make it as one of my next destinations.


And here are some of the food we had! Drooooool! 

Bebek Betutu with Sambal Bali, Sambal embe and Sambal Sere

As mentioned, the dishes are mostly super spicy and flavorful but all sumptuous. The photos do not even give justice to its impeccable taste.

Balinese Seafood Soup

The desserts were winners for me. It tastes as good as it looks in the photos below.

Jeje Abug, Dadar gulung nangka and Bubur Injin

Are you fond of Balinese dishes? Make sure you stay tuned for the next Balinese food festival!