The Four Steps You Go Through When You Want to Get Inked

This year has been an incredible mix of highs and lows. It made me tick a few things in my bucket list such as traveling to Europe alone, had the chance to be interviewed for a magazine feature (and not the one doing the interview) and got inked! We always say life is short but then we always waste our time and skip on our chances to do things differently. I’m not an exemption to this which is why when I had doubts about getting inked, I brushed it off and just went for it. However, I did go through the normal process when you decide to get a tattoo. These are the steps that I followed. For some, it could be arranged differently but each of this step is surely present.

  1. The Decision Making Part

Am I going to get one or not? Yes or No? YES.

     2. Figuring Out The Tattoo Design

I wanted to start with something small. I have always told myself that my tattoo should have an interesting story to it. I went through some designs in Pinterest and even browsed through a couple of Cosmo articles and Instagram accounts. That ice cream was a really cute one as well!  My design was a combination of different elements that I wanted which I was really satisfied about. I had my late sister’s name on it because that’s obviously very special to me and five birds flying because we are five sisters in the family. Birds for me symbolizes freedom. We don’t realize it but it is one of the most overlooked valuable thing in this world. We think are free individuals because we live in a free country but unconsciously, we are all slaves to something or someone in this world. Initially, I wanted a bird flying out of a cage but after going through some drafts, I decided to go with this one.

       3. The Tattoo Artist

Since this is my first tattoo, I wanted to make sure I trust the artist who would do it. I have known Randy aka The Black Collar Ink for quite sometime already so I know I was in safe hands. Surprisingly, the entire tattoo session took less than 30 minutes. It seemed like a piece of cake for him! He has obviously done many other way bigger and more challenging pieces.  As a nurse, I’m not afraid of needles but my back gets ticklish so that was the challenge.

  4. When? 

It’s so easy to plan but like any other plan, the execution is the hardest. When do you actually go and get inked? I had experienced a lot of delays due to travel, work and other things got in the way. By the time I had my chance again, I really made sure I took it! I was so prepared that I even wore an off shoulders since my tattoo was placed at my upper back.

So are you planning to get inked? Think, think and go for it!