Top 5 Favorite Dishes and Desserts at Khana in Marco Polo Cebu

If you do not like Indian food then there is something wrong with you ( kidding!) but how can one not like and love savory dishes? As they say, Indian dishes are both exciting and appealing! In celebration of the festival lights, Diwali, Marco Polo Cebu’s Culinary Journey brings us Khana –  a Feast of Indian cuisine.  If you love Indian food then you shouldn’t miss this! It runs from October 25-October 30, 2016.

There is a wide variety of Indian dishes prepared for everyone. Honestly, I didn’t get to try every dish although I know I should have done that. ( My outfit didn’t allow me to!Lol!) Wear comfortable clothes then when you go there so you can fully indulge at all the goodness of Indian flavors.

Here are some of my personal favorites: 

1. Kebab

Photo from Marco Polo Plaza Cebu Facebook page
*Photo taken from the Marco Polo Cebu Facebook page

Kebabs are said to be the most popular Indian appetizers. You can never have enough of their Chicken Kebab! Promise! I’m not a big fan of chicken but this is one of the few exemptions on my list. At first, I thought one skewer would be too much but it turned out that I had to get some more.

2. Chutney

*Photo taken from the Marco Polo Plaza Cebu Facebook page
*Photo taken from the Marco Polo Cebu Facebook page

Chutney is derived from the Hindi word chattni which means to lick. It can vary from cucumber (seen above), tomato, yoghurt,etc. These sauces are added with vinegar and sugar.

3. Gulab Jamun

Photo taken from the Marco Polo Facebook page
Photo taken from the Marco Polo Cebu Facebook page

On the photo, please take note that the Gulab Jamun appears to be the photo bomber on the side (balls with sauce). This is commonly served in South Asian countries (India, Sri Lanka, Nepal) but given the fact that we Filipinos love sweet, it would not be surprising to easily get addicted to Gulab Jamun. For me, it’s like yema balls! (and who doesn’t love yema right?) This is mainly made from freshly curdled milk so I guess that explains why we can associate it with yema.

4. Rose Water Panna Cotta 

Rose Water Panna Cotta is known to be an elegant dessert. The words Rose and Panna Cotta already give you an idea of what to expect from this. Sometimes, Rose Water Panna Cotta can be added with Lychees, Raspberries,etc for more flavors but I was more than happy to taste it as it is. It’s the perfect dessert if you don’t want something too heavy after all the flavorful Indian dishes.

5. Rose Ice Cream

This one is a MUST try! Take my word for that. You don’t get to eat an ice cream that’s rose flavored every day so it’s important that you savor it’s taste.

On a personal note, I would also like to thank Marco Polo Cebu for my birthday cake. I’m still always in awe of its details whenever I look at this photo.