What I Did On My 72 Hour Break in South Korea

On my birthday last year, I felt the need to get away from Cebu even for just a few days. Don’t get me wrong – nothing beats fun conversations over dinner with family and friends but everyone needs a breather sometimes. I decided to go to South Korea because aside from the getting-away-part, I already knew friends there plus it’s autumn! Later on, I found out some of my blogger friends were also travelling there. Lucky! Before I left, I took the time to read my editor’s guide to South Korea. I wanted to do everything on the list but due to my inability to take a long leave from work, I only got to stay for 3 days (72 hours!) which was obviously too short but more than enough time to enjoy.

As we all know, Filipinos need visa to visit SoKor (South Korea). Since this was a last minute trip, I thought it was best to apply for a visa right before buying my ticket. For scheduled vacations, always follow the general rule of booking your tickets way ahead.

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